Disney’s Most Valuable Screenwriter has taken in enough associated with ‘Strong Female’ Trope

Linda Woolverton, the girl whom brought Belle, Maleficent, and a billion-dollar movie to Disney, talks her brain. Linda Woolverton, the Disney screenwriter whom reimagined Belle as a bookworm and crafted resting Beauty’s Maleficent in to a fearsome antihero, has heard the “strong female character” trope since her earliest years during the studio, and she doesn’t [...]

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Survey Finds ‘Alarming’ prices of Sexual Misconduct at Cornell as Leaders Struggle for possibilities

Minimal changed when you look at the styles of intimate misconduct on campus since 2017, a University survey shows, discovering that half participants have seen some kind of sexual harassment throughout their time at Cornell — with disproportionate prices predicated on sex, and often in situations including life that is greek. The biannual study, final [...]

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